Awake at last review!

                          Awake at Last:

      Awake At Last releases yet another stunning music video. With both phenomenal sound and great quality, I found myself in a bit of awe while watching Never be a Memory. The lyrics hit home and the video was extremely well put together!  Every day we receive thousands of submissions from around the world, very seldom do I find myself in awe. Awake at last is defiantly a new favorite in my book!

       The band has really went all out in this video! From great theatrical planning and even bringing their image to a tone just as the video held. They have defiantly done it here with amazing finesse. They have well past out done their last run of videos, and they have defiantly done it this time! For a melodic rock/metal band these guys have really set a par for bands in 2016!

If you have not jammed out to them you surely missing one of Americas next biggest bands! Coming from Delaware this band is going places quickly. If you have not already seen them, do so this summer! I promise you will not regret the experience! Vincent has out done his voice once again and it is an honor to hear the song before its release! Check out the amazing sneak preview below!

Video Preview: