Rapper of the year 2015

Rapper of the Year 2015

Trenton P 
      As Underground Interviews does every year we are awarding rapper of the year to Trenton P. Trenton P is a rapper from southern Illinois who's music hits like no other. Coming into the music scene with no major label and a unique sound of his own Trenton P and his team are self funded and on the rise. His newest video release hit over 55,000 people and he made the CMJ music charts multiple times over the year. Trenton P has been heard on over 70 radio stations . Trenton P has reached out this year growing his fan base and re-developing music in his own seance. He is joining the likes of Machien Gun Kelly, RITZ, and Asher Roth is a seance of catchy and widely known music!

We are expecting to see a lot more from this artist come 2016 in lieu of his up coming " Black List tour and some up coming major announcements of big names for his up coming album.  Trenton P was accompanied on stage earlier this year by underground music sensation Jelly Roll, who rocked out for an entire set showing homage to the young and talented artist. As this year comes to a fold Trenton P has impacted the music culture on a major level.

   Starting this year off with a new album and plenty of shows, Trenton P has beat everyone else by a long shot! We are glad to name him our rapper of the year!


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