~Mr Face, POW Records of the "NASTY NORTH" Invasion of the South~

~Mr Face~
"Invasion of the South" 

The one and ONLY infamous Mr Face of the Nasty North is tearing his way back down south thru the charts n polls in his latest entry into the Kutt Calhoun "On My Own" remix contest hoppin sumthin fierce right now as we speak, GET YOUR VOTE IN NOW!!!


 I, for one, ExiLeD demands and gets off on originality/uniquneness and personally, for I. This entry in Kutts contest definitely has my vote.. A long time rabid supporter of our Beast of the Nasty North Mr. Faces' for his tenacious drive and rabid ferocity on track spittin his cold harsh rhymes back to back to back forever delivering his blistering technique to much delighted ears.. 

Get your votes in NOW underground NO time to waste! As always forever truly your