~LIQUID ASSASSIN, "MY DRUG" ~ExiLeDs, Drug of choice~



For I, yours truly ~ExiLeD~, who have in fact died as a result of my drugs of choice, heroin, 10 minutes and a few cracked ribs later, here I was, back from the nether, though never to be the same., Liquid Assassins' latest video "My Drug" for me, is divinely wicked profound for it was the music, the underground music and Family, the legions of dedicated soldiers of that underground which showed me, ~ExiLeD~ that in fact that was a far better way, So, its become my lifes mission to pay it forward, and to repay a debt long ago by promoting the Fuk out of any underground artist who too, themselves have shared their wisdom and insight into the Hells of drugs/addiction/death.... Liquid Assassin time and again has proven that there is a better way, for those of us who are or at some point have been eternally lost to the deepest darkest abyss and hells of addiction. I for one, could not thank him enough for helping outsiders understand what it is to be an addict without any hope in the world. So, yours truly ~ExiLed~ AM MOST DEFINITELY, giddy as a school girl to get to go see him deliver his magical wikkd skills under the limelight up on stage surrounded by all my FAMily nothing but love for one another having the wondrous pleasure of getting to have him here in town on New Years Eve, of all the places who could have chosen to bring in the New Year, I have to admit I feel very fortunate for him wanting and choose to be here with us extremely lucky FAmilY to bring in the new year. 

Keep tuned, sure to be much more on Liquid Assassin headed yalls way. And the much HIGHLY anticipated one on one interview with this Underground Juggernaut, a force most definitely to be reckoned with.. As always much luv yours truly,