Interview with Model Scarlett!

Brandon Harris: How did you get into modeling:?  

Scarlett : It was something I always wanted to do when I was a teenager but I wanted to be able to express emotion & create art

Brandon Harris: Where are you from? 

Scarlett: Originally from Sydney NSW

Brandon Harris: What is your dream job?

Scarlett: I have had many dream jobs. My dream job would be writing novels & lyrics

Brandon Harris: What kind of effort and dedication does it take to be a model?

Scarlett: Time & persistence & experience.

Brandon Harris: What is your biggest goal for 2016? 

Scarlett: To do more overseas trips

Brandon Harris: You have a lot of darker work? Is that a hobbie of yours?

Scarlett: I embrace my dark side, it's part of me & also empowers my strength.

Brandon Harris: Who inspires you the most? 

Scarlett: Motivational Speakers such as Brendan Burchard

Brandon Harris:Who is your favorite musician?

Scarlett: That's so hard to answer, I have so many. I think Slash would be number one.

Brandon Harris: As a model what is your favorite shoot you have ever done?

Scarlett: I think shooting with my idol photographers have been the best experiences so far.

Brandon Harris :What is one thing most people don't know about you?

Scarlett: I have 2 beautiful Children & I know as a parent I got it right with them both. I also have a really bad temper when I get pushed to the edge.

Brandon Harris: Would you prefer a spread in Playboy, or Tattoo Magazine?

Scarlett: Tattoo Magazine off course  

Brandon Harris :What would you say to young ladies out there trying to become models? 

Scarlett: Be smart, trust your instincts & learn to say no.

Brandon Harris: Where can your fans find you? 

Scarlett: Social media - Instagram @scarlettwildink Twitter -@swildink Facebook - Scarlett Wildink 

Brandon Harris: What are your plans for new years?

Scarlett: Hopefully just a few quite drinks at home nothing too crazy
Brandon Harris: Anything to say to your fans? 

Scarlett: Thanks to all that like & share my art & watch out there is a lot more to come