Who Is Whitney Peyton

 BY: Brandon Alexander

  So driving in the car I was listening to Whitney Peyton. Unlike most female rappers in the industry today she has some massive accomplishments. Whitney has won a grammy award, and she is a creative genius. Her music is all her own and she focuses on making herself stand out. I first came across her music almost 4 years ago. I was doing an interview with rapper Sketchy Waze, at the time he was up and coming. He had mentioned a video he did with Whitney Peyton, and how amazing he felt she was so I had to look into here. As I scrolled through facebook she had a little over 10,000 likes at the time, I figured I would give her a listen. As her songs went on so did my admiration for her work. Whitney not only hit hard but she also had a heart in what she was doing. She loves her skill and honed it!

   Whitney has worked with artist at all levels of the game including Chris Webby, Jim Jones, DMX, D12,Hopsin and Paul wall. She has been all over the nation creating amazing music and working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Seeing her in a video with Sketchy Waze has lead to quite a few years of me checking up for new music and 2 interviews now with Whitney. As an artist she is real as can be and heartfelt with every move! Whitney has recently released the song " I gave my all" last November and it hit hard. Whitney really opened herself up lyrically and exploded in that video. Now in 2015 she has been on tour with Fronzilla and making it loud.

   Whitney Peyton has years left to her career and she is headed somewhere well into the industry. If you like MGK, Eminem, Snow Da Product then you will love Whitney Peyton!!