Jelly Roll shows love to St. Louis rapper Trenton P

Rapper Jelly Roll and Trenton P onstage at Pops in Sauget, IL on
Saturday,November 14th 2015. 
(Sauget, IL) Trenton P light it up at Pops in Sauget, IL on Saturday. Getting on stage and having Jelly Roll on stage with him. When asked how he felt the show went, Trenton replied, " Good, I mean Jelly Roll came on stage and rocked with me, it was pretty great". Trenton a St. Louis rapper has been making a name for himself for quite some time, rocking stages all over the US. In March Trenton will be going on a tour through the US. The blacklist tour will begin March 14th. If you haven't seen Trenton P live, make it to a show. This young and talented artist is lighting a fire we haven't seen an act like this in years. Trenton P is new on the scene and headed towards success. Saturday the legendary Jelly Roll got on stage at pops during Trenton P's set and rocked with him. Trenton P is headed to some big places. His most recent video went from o to 50,000 views in the past week as well. If you haven't seen the new video " Dreams and Frustrations" is a sensation with the public and is gaining views everyday.

         Trenton P is know for his swift style, and being able to get a crowed moving. Doing his last show of the year Trenton is prepping for tour, and planning to work on his new album. Trenton P spent the entire summer doing shows and now its time to get prepped for the road! Keep your eyes pealed and let us know what you think.

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