Adele's New song Hello nears 500 Million hit's

       Adele's new song hello reaches nearly 500 Million hits. With a global fan base, and followers all over the world, Adele is one of the most powerful female artist in the nation. Her music has touched people at every corner of the world, she is an icon to say the least. With her recent stance against music streaming sites, and her new album topping the charts she is on top of the world. We are watching the next global star in the making here! Her tour for her new album release " 25" Starts in 2016.

   At 27 years old Adele has made us wonder for a long time now how she does it. First making headway off of myspace at 18, she now is today's Brittany Spears. Adele is a classy heart throb with a unique sound and composer. She will be one of the greats of her time, and for many years to come. Her music will continue to catch ears and grow!