Adele hit's 2.4 Million sales with the release of "25"


    “25” will not  be available on Apple Music, Spotify or other major streaming services"

Recording Artist - Adele
Adele has been making music for quite some time now. With a unique sound and her own feel to things she was a worldwide sensation by the age of 18. A friend had posted her music on Myspace and soon after she was given a record deal by XL Recordings! Her music goes above and beyond with a sound that is unique and fresh.  Now at 27 Adele is making a stand for musicians all over the world. Her recent decision to keep her new album from being sold on some music streaming sites is a huge on. This could bring back cd's and she is expected to sell millions. With the recent issues with streaming sites,we can completely understand why Adele has taken the stance against them.

       Stores like apple keep as much as 30% of the purchase of each download. That may not seem like a lot but you also must look at the numbers. If an artist like Adele releases an album that sells for $13.99 and she sells 20 million copies on Apple, Apple would make  $83,940,000 dollars for hosting her music. That is something more and more artist in recent years have begun to put an end to. Adele joins forces with Country pop artist Taylor Swift and many others whom are beginning to take control back of the music industry.

    In 2008 Apple reported bringing in $1.78 Billion dollars from music. If you think about that clearly all they re doing is hosting a bunch of peoples music. They are literally selling other peoples art and making a killing doing so. Adele releases her new album, " 25" was released 2 days ago. With over 2.42 million sold so far, Adele is on top of the world. Making the decision to not host on certain sites has not effected her at all.