MGK at the Tree House in Joliet, IL

MGK - The Tree House- Joliet, IL 
BY: Dana Jean

     The Tree House in Joliet has impressed me. The new version of what used to be Mojoe's night club is Quality! The club had lines stretched down and around Chicago St Sunday, as we walked to the base of the line there were people from all over. Once again the city of Joliet was light up and having a good time. Since Mojoes closed in early summer this year, the becomings of  the venue were left to wonder. There was a lot of speculation that the new owner would not be allowed to even open doors but it has happened. Waiting in line was abnormal for me, the first time I had ever sat in line at any show, but I got to listen and feel out the environment. As we finally made it to the doors, security was easy going but to their job, laughing and making the crowed smile. An especially broad shouldered red haired man had everyone smiling, making the frustrated crowed laugh.  

       As the show started there were few stops, and the crowed kept up all evening long. The new club inside very similar to Mojoe's but with a few major changes. The most notable was security. They were focused on maintaining the crowed rather than being violent, I respected that a lot. As the show went on and MGK finally hit the stage there was a family feeling, like everyone in the room was in tuned.

    By the end of the evening the show was amazing, MGK rocked out, bringing the whole house in with him... We were left applauding for hours song after song as the team continued to pound the stage!  I have to give the venue a big thumbs up for handling capacity very well also. All in all the The Tree House received a 5 star rating from our staff and we would suggest if you have been wanting to see a show, this is the place to go!