Lil Whyte and Jelly Roll New Album on the way

By: Brandon Harris  

     Lil whyte and Jelly Roll have a new album on the way. Now both in their 30's Lil Whyte and JellyRoll have been major players in the underground music scene. They have pioneered a new music scene in the United States over the past decade. With hit songs Coming out left and right their music has set the par for other underground musicians. In an encounter with Jelly Roll earlier this year, he was laid back and reasonable. Coming from humble beginnings both artist are self made, and different. Jelly with a very smooth and cool presence, Whyte with a smooth and punchy presence.

   Rapper Lil Whyte released a mock up of "No Filter 2". The new album can only be as great as the artist whom will be in it. But were guessing that it will ring just as great as the hits from these two artist. We cannot wait to see what Whyte and Roll have to bring to the table with their newest mix of music!

  The team will be making moves that we can only assume will play out great for their careers at this point and time! The Duo has surprised us before and we expect to see them do it again!