The Rolling Stones greatest hits


      The Rolling Stones hit all time highs and lows. The music they made rocked an entire nation and eventually the world. As a young adult I can still remember their music playing through my house, the smell of moms sloppy joe's cooking. They always reached me in an odd way. Their music started in 1962 and still to this day rock. The stones were amazing and their music off the walls. From Jjagger to Richards the band will always be a part of our musical history. Their greatest hit's ranged from " Paint it Black" to " Waiting on a friend".  From the days of peace and love to current modern time music has changed but the stones have not. They still hold the classic taste and style they had in the 60's.

    The Rolling Stones are still touring today, 53 years later. As one of the greatest bands ever to come out of London. The Rolling Stones are an amazing band and their music stands out above the norm. In 1962 I do not think they knew where they would be today. From their first gig in 1962 at  Marquee Club in London until their most recent show they have been an amazing group of musicians. Oone of the greatest things about their greatest hit's list is that each and every song can be played over and over again. If you like the twist of their soft and hard tunes you will love to jam to this playlist.