The REAL queen of HIP - HOP Inside interview with Whitney Peyton

Michelle Naylor: Last time we interviewed you, you said you would love to work with Lorde has that become a reality yet?

Whitney Peyton: Not yet.. but I have high hopes!

Michelle Naylor:  What is your plan for the next year? Where will you be?

Whitney Peyton: On a stage somewhere.. that's all I can wish for.

Michelle Naylor:  Who have you worked with over the last 12 months? 

Whitney Peyton: What artists? I featured Caskey, Cryptic Wisdom, TWIZTID, the list goes on! I'm always working with fellow rappers.

Michelle Naylor: You are currently on tour, what are you most excited about with this tour so far?

Whitney Peyton: I am not currently on tour I have been doing an array of spot dates around the east coast and mid-west as I work on new record!

Michelle Naylor: We are so excited that you have a current show on July 30th, 2015 here in West Chicago with a few of our local artists that we support, Smokem Records, Toofless & Spectra, and SevenSixx, any big plans for this show?

Whitney Peyton: It was a fun show. I love chicago!

Michelle Naylor: Our last interview you had stated that you were going to try out for some acting roles, have you done anything new?

Whitney Peyton: I have done a couple things. We'll see if they actually air. That's the downside.. you can spend a lot of time filming something that never goes on air.

Michelle Naylor:  Have you done any new charity work since our last interview?

Whitney Peyton: I haven't, but I would love to when the holidays come around. I need to work in a soup kitchen or something cool like that!

Michelle Naylor:  A lot of people suffer from anxiety, and in our last interview you had stated that writing helps with your anxiety, do you have any pointers/advice for those suffering from anxiety?

Whitney Peyton: Don't become dependent on a bunch of medications! Try to find something that helps without being on medicine. You don't want to rely on pills... it's not a good feeling.

Michelle Naylor:  What big goals and dreams do you currently have?

Whitney Peyton: Stay alive!

Michelle Naylor: What was your experience like being nominated for 2014 Tri-State Indie Music Awards “Emerging Hip-Hop Artist of the Year”, and winning?

Whitney Peyton: It was amazing we didn't expect the win at all! I was up against some really awesome artists, but my movement is growing and I couldn't feel more honored.

Michelle Naylor:  What is it like hearing yourself rap on the radio?

Whitney Peyton: I haven't been on any really major stations yet, but it's always unreal. 

Michelle Naylor: You are an unsigned artist, and yet have made it so far! You have made it further than most people could imagine doing especially without a labels help, how does this make you feel as an individual, and what advice would you give out to other underground musicians? 

Whitney Peyton: It's tough. You can't half-ass anything. You need to be fully committed if this is what you want to do. You sacrifice all your free time and any money you have to invest in yourself. Anything is possible.. it's just hard work!

Michelle Naylor: Your new album is called Fear of Falling, could you give us a little insite on the new album, and the background of this album for those who haven’t heard it yet?

Whitney Peyton:This isn't a full length album.. it's a free EP for the fans that will lead up to a full length album later this year! Fans can download it free on

Michelle Naylor: What is your all time favorite song you have on your new album Fear of Falling?

Whitney Peyton: The song "Better" feat Carolyn Marie is the fan favorite for sure! It has a music video to accompany it on I love performing it. It's super emotional and powerful.

Michelle Naylor: When you are having a rough day, how do you pick yourself up and keep moving forward?

Whitney Peyton: Usually by writing. When you put headphones on and get in the zone it blocks out anything negative going on in your life. It's the best escape!

Michelle Naylor:  You have become a true inspiration to many people out there, females, artists, fans, etc. If you could say one thing to any of them what would it be?

Whitney Peyton: I appreciate my supporters sticking with me. At shows I have a lot of people come up and tell me they have been following me since myspace days and start naming songs of mine that are long lost and forgotten that most people didn't know exist. That's an insane feeling! I really appreciate it.. Team Underdog!!!

Michelle Naylor: So you had made a post earlier this week TBT- Dinosaurs, this was one of my personal favorites! So it brings me to this question, what was the best cartoon growing up, and most memorable character?

Whitney Peyton: Pokemon was a big one for me.. also Ahh! Real Monsters. I don't know if I can pick a favorite one. I just love Crumb from Real Monsters.. It must get tiring to hold up your eyes all day like that. That's determination! 

Michelle Naylor:  When you are on tour do you ever get homesick? What do you do to overcome it?

Whitney Peyton: Sometimes. Things move so fast so it's hard to even think about home at points, but sleeping in vans makes you miss your bed. I just look at posts from fans saying they can't wait to see us or how awesome a certain show was and it keeps me going.

Michelle Naylor: Your video with the Power Rangers was priceless! Who is your favorite Power Ranger?

Whitney Peyton:Zack Taylor the black ranger! I actually met him at a Comic Con. He's dope and looks exactly the same as in the show.. he didn't age.. it's crazy!

Michelle Naylor:  You have a nice collection of tattoos, which one is your favorite, and which one is the most meaningful?

Whitney Peyton: I just started getting my Sleeve this summer. I'm about 16 hours into it and have a ways to go. My whole arm is dedicated to StoryBooks like Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, James and the Giant Peach, The Lorax. It takes me back to my childhood and puts me in a happy place.

Michelle Naylor:  We love the new music video to “Gangstas, Geeks, and Freaks” that you did with Eryn Woods, what was the best part of filming this video?

Whitney Peyton: Working with all the Extras and dressing them up as zombies!

Michelle Naylor: What was it like rapping on Toxic Radio?

``Whitney Peyton:Toxic Radio is owned by my buddy Mike. I broadcast from his studio every week when I do my podcast "The Takeover". It's always a good time!

Michelle Naylor: What is the best video game of all time, old school or new?

Whitney Peyton: Rayman. A lot of gamers will call me lame for that one.. but it just is!

Michelle Naylor: You do a Podcast called “The Takeover”. Could you tell those out there who don’t know about it a little about what goes on, and where to tune in at?

Whitney Peyton: is where fans can see more info! I do it weekly to stay connected with everyone. I also make the listeners a huge part of it. There is a live chat room as we air and we constantly are reading peoples opinions and comments. I don't just talk about music on there.. it's well rounded with so many topics and usually it's pretty hilarious!

Michelle Naylor: Last year you were at MoJoe’s and started a mosh pit, which ended up being the talk of the town for awhile! What was it like having so many fans with so much energy for your performance?

Whitney Peyton: I'm sad MoJoe's is shut down now! I love started mosh pits... and I don't just start them I will get in them too so don't underestimate my short-ness.

Michelle Naylor: It is amazing at how close you are with your fans! We love seeing you share stories of your fans that you have met. You also take the time out to get to know them! What is one of the most memorable fan, or memorable group conversations you have had with fans?

Whitney Peyton: This one supporter Brian (his friends call him Oreo). He couldn't come out to a show because he was in hospice so we went to visit him. He has since passed away, but he seemed like such a mild tempered dude who was funny and outgoing. I'll never forget him. RIP.

Michelle Naylor: If you could do work for any charity, what would it be and why?

Whitney Peyton: I would create my own and we would give instruments to kids who can't afford them so they could be involved in music!!

Michelle Naylor:  If you could perform anywhere outside of the United States, and chose who you would want to perform with you, where would it be, and who would you have on the show with you?

Whitney Peyton: I would love to perform in Japan. I just think that would be so fun. I need to perform with Machine Gun Kelly!

Michelle Naylor: What is one thing that no one knows about you?

Whitney Peyton: I have an extra pinky toe... HA just kidding. I secretly am obsessed with watching Netflix.

Mmichelle Naylor: What is one odd hobby you have?

Whitney Peyton: I paint and sketch a lot. I don't really post man pictures of my work online because it's just for me. 

Michelle Naylor: What are your goals for yourself over the next 12 months?

Whitney Peyton: am working on a new record, performing a lot of headlining dates, as well as going on a full tour with Fronzilla this fall! See more info on