Skooters Roadhouse fails to help man severely injured on their property

Skooters Road House Shorewood, IL. 
By: Brandon Harris

       It seems that the security at Skooters Roadhouse at 700 W Jefferson st, Shorewood, Il  may not be great people after all. As reported by patron Anna Pec, earlier this evening. The bar staff sat and watched for over 20 minutes as a drunk Hispanic male was jumped and beaten unconscious. Anne reported attempting several times to get security's attention. They strolled to the door and simply responded they could not help outside of the bar. One guard even stated I only make $10.00 and hour, I do not get paid enough to handle this, while another security guard continued to repeat to the woman you have a nice night miss. As Anne continued to pound for help, the unconscious man still being beating all 10 security guards stood around as if this were normal. Multiple woman stepped in trying to break up the fight. Staff still did nothing and just stood at the door. property

       Yet again we see another horrible bar attack in the Chicago land area and no response. This marking the 15 attack this summer where security at a local bar has stood by allowing a patron to be physically harmed, As a write and a regular attendee at venues Skooters staff has not been impressive by far. The fact the allowed a patron to be almost killed in their parking lot, is sickening at the least. The staff of buff pretend tough guy's hid inside as usual allowing someone to be harmed. Below is a link to their facebook, please join us in letting them know their decision was uncalled for and will not be accepted!

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