Breaking Benjamin

  Breaking Benjamin has impacted so many lives. As a band their music is deeper rooted than just some rock song with a bit of rhythm. I remember to this day my first kiss to a Breaking Benjamin. It was a dark cold night, driving in a sporty neon. The song came across the cd player " The Diary of Jane". Still to this day I remember that kiss, soft and gentile as the night went on the one who gave me the kiss, expressed her love for the band. At the time I though very little of it, but over time situations change and so do we as people.

     With a recent big change in my life, I have to be honest I have dived into the band. Part of it is me looking for answers, but the other part of it is just sheer curiosity. I have been diving into their band, listening to their music. On lonely days off of work with no one around they still bring back that one night in the Neon. Breaking Benjamin has made changes over the years but the basis of their music is the same. The heartfelt sounds and amazing lyrics. Their music touching and real as can be. It lead me through 4 years of love, lust and confusion.

   Breaking Benjamin has shifted through album to album, their music went on a journey. A colorful and bright but also sad and long journey. As our lives change so does our choice in music. Often  I allow the music in my life to fit the mood I am in. The music now  and for the most part has been Breaking Benjamin has made an impact in everything I have done lately, from choices to thoughts and words I have written. I will probably spend the rest of my life every time I hear their song thinking about what these songs mean, and they mean a lot. I just hope that if you ever take the time to listen to their music that it effects your life as it has effected mine. Each and Evey song effects me more than the last...

Peace Out