Brand new Hopsin " Fly"

    Brand new stuff by Hopsin " FLY". This is some pretty dope stuff yall! Check it out he speaks some real shit. It honestly really makes me think, he hits some pretty tough subjects and comes off honestly. If you give this song a listen you will re think life as we know it. I agree with everything he Say's in this song. We really do get held down as people, and he really says what a lot of people never stop to think of. He basically puts cooperate America and conforming on front street. He really bring a lot of stuff most of us live to a whole new level, I think for a rapper who is hitting millions he is making a whole new path for our youth to open up and make changes. " Open your eyes, open your mind" a line from the song should really be taken to heart, he really does a great job here. Im pretty impressed with Hopsin lately.

    The video is quality, and he makes some real points. If your looking to hear some real shit, turn this on and play it over a few times. I did. It hit the fucking point to me. Love it! This is a work of sheer geniuses.....