What happened to us 90's Kids?

Brandon Harris - Founder UG 
           Ok everyone this is one hell of a side not, but what the hell happened to us 90's kids. Well I'm more of a millennial but I'm going back through the music I grew up on and my god were getting outdated. It wont be long before kids look at us like Eminem who? Or whats a Green Day? Is that like earth day.lol I was digging and found some of the greats from our era. Who remembers Simple Plan. I remember long sleepless nights as a confused teen jamming out to them in my room. No looking back It's like damn my kiddo will have no clue who these guys are. Wow its just amazing to me that what we grew up on is going to the waist side for this crappy music these kids listen to today.lol Just kidding I still listen to new music everyday. I do own and manage a music blog for god sake. But honestly I always thought as a kid this day would never come. I remember being in my punk stage and living for my music. I remember very vividly telling my parents how they were out of tune and out of touch, they just didn't understand. That huge fight about my first Eminem album, and them flipping a shit when they took my simple plan collection. Now as I look back 15 years later, I have to grin as I know my day is near with that. My little one is two so I have about 11 years or so, but I know when that day comes I will reminisce on this and just smile. I know what that feels like.lol.

          I know as we get older things will continue to change, but goodness our music, you can have my money, take my name brand jeans but not my music. I love my music, I always will. I'm an oldies freak. I will forever love what I grew up on no matter the year. So at like 80 while some young whipper snapper is changing my as Ill be repeating, " I'm just a kid, and life is a nightmare".lol Just saying yall we have about 50 years if you were born when I was. It all changing, and were aging, so dear 20's please give me the best next 4 years possible, cause the 30's are closing in quick....... and then damn were going to be like 80 in the music world.lol