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Run Forever Album Review
Album Name:
Big Vacation

                                                       Five Star     *****

  Run Forevers new album big vacation is impressive with a dash of greatness. Their new album is a great listen and brings me back to a great place in my life. I must admit their cover art is as well creatively dashing. I found the album to sway with a sensation of smoothness. I feel their music will defiantly top the Indy charts this summer. The album is defiantly worth picking up. If you like a smooth punky rock with some juice with the squeeze these guys are your guys. i especially like the change up in sounds and tone song by song, keeping a consistent but flowing album for all to hear. If your getting in the new mood for music I would defiantly say pick up their new album today!!!


Foreign Tongues Album Review

Album  Name:
Fragile. As said Before
                                   Five Star     *****
The Foreign Tongues new album Fragile As said before brings a feeling of relaxation on as I put it on. There first three songs on the album really caught my attention in a quite a whole. In an inquisitive mood by this point I had to go back and listen to all their previous works. The band both impressive and realistic in their music moved me to a point I feel I knew their exact feeling in each song. With a swift and solid album they sound have no issue taking the industry by storm with their July 24th release. I would expect nothing short of greatness for this album.  The vocals and music meet on such a harmonious level I wouldn't be far stretched to say we have a possible future creed mixed with a dash of Sublime and topped off with a unique sound never before heard in the industry.

The Brigades Album Review 

Album Name:
                                    Five Star  *****

The Brigades new album Indefinite is out of this world. By far my favorite album I have reviewed all summer With a sound equivalent to My Chemical Romance mixed with Avenged Seven Fold, the band hits hard and defiantly tears the charts through the ground with a such uniqueness that stands well above the rest. From start to finish they will keep you going harder and harder. Its mearly remarkable, and impossible to turn this up beat album off. This is a fun emotion packed album that anyone can fall in love with. Their cover art only gives you a peak into the world of Indefinite. The album continues to wow song after song and is a must have for any music lover. I think their July 24th release will go over with flying colors and make for successes beyond their imagination.