Snoop Dog Arrested in Sweden

      Snoop Dog was arrested in Sweden over the past week and calls it racial profiling. Right after a show Snopp Dog was stopped in Uppsala. Snoop who has been on tour for his latest album "Bush"  was pulled over late Saturday night. Snoop who's car was pulled to the side of the road was stopped and arrested on suspission of being under the influence of narcotics, a police rep for the Uppsala poliece stated. Snoop Dog took a urine test and then left the poliecestation. Later taking to social media telling his Swedish fans, its been real but I wont be back. So again our 42 year old super star makes the paper for a marijuana charge.

     This marks yet another country rapper Snoop has been nailed for using marijuana. Honestly it due to change over time, but for now my friend sadly we all still get prosecuted for marijuana.