Review of " See you again" By Wiz Kalifa and Charlie Puth

           Wiz Kalifa's see you again with Charlie Puth has hit all time records with over 600 Million hits since April. It has by far succeeded other hits by both artist. The song has become Iconic and meaningful all over the world. I have listened to it hundreds of times, It resonates with me. It defiantly opens my train of thought to lost family members and people lost along the way. Good people are lost everyday, and this collaboration has defiantly made an impact. The fact that Paul Walker is involved only makes it that much more Iconic as the loss of such a great young actor definitely struck America in the heart. Whether you a music lover or just an occasional listener you will fall in love with this song. It hits all the right buttons and notes to make that difference.

      For the first time in almost 3 years I can say I not only feel a song is Iconic but moving and emotional to a whole new level. I respect the words, the concept and the music. These two defiantly deserve a 15 out of 10 star rating!