What got you into music?

Listening to artists convey their feelings so passionately.    
Who were your heroes growing up?

Batman, Spider-Man, Tupac, Eminem,  Twiztid, Stephen King                              

What are your goals as a musician?

I would like to gain a loyal fanbase that understands, relates to and accepts me for who I am.

As musician what has been your biggest moment in music thus far?

Rocking a show last summer with Ces Cru. They are really nice dudes, very down to earth and humble. I actually ended up on tv over my performance,  which was cool.     

Where do you plan to be next year?

I'm really just going with the flow and seeing where life takes me.

              What are your goals for 2015?

              Gain more fans, possibly land a deal, do more shows, meet people, and enjoy life.

               As a recording artist what are some of the struggles you face in your career?

               I worry when I tell people I'm a rapper they will automatically loop me in with the poppy swag fans that just  talk about bullshit. It's also hard sometimes opening up on certain topics I cover in my music, but I wouldn't be real if I didn't put myself out there completely.                        
               What is your idea of a good album?

               No filler, great substance beginning to end.

               When did you reach the point in your music where you were comfortable getting on stage?

               Im still not exactly, but its getting easier.

              What is the best show you have been on so far?

              Last December I did a toy drive fundraiser, which my father attended before he passed away in January,      and he finally understood my passion for the music and witnessed it first hand.

Have you had any radio play?

A little here and there, I've been featured on PsyRadio and Musernation   

where do you hope music leads you?

I want this to be my only career. I started writing around the age of 12 and it's really the only thing I feel good at, and have stuck with in my 25 years on this goddamn planet.         

What is the best and worst thing about music?

The best thing is venting, and having someone tell me my music helped them through a rough spot in their life.         

Anything you want to say to your fans?

To the people who stick around and support my fucking shit, thank you and I love you all. To the rest of you, kill yourselves, choke on a dick, etc etc.