So I have had a lot of people ask me how I have so much success as a blogger and a promoter. The answer isent simple. Mmost people think they can get rich quick blogging. So not true. It takes a long time to even profit off of a blog. There are a lot of people out there that also think the same thing about promoting shows which also is an extreemly hard job. I have become so good at it because I am dedicated. I spend a good chunk of my time building a base and following through with what I do. As a writer I write on a regular basics and as a promoter I promoe harder and harder every week. Each blog post I write is pushed harder and harder. I look to open people up to the world of music in the whole new light.

    My personal love in life is music. I recently got an ok to do the Buckcherry interview and to me that is a sign of success. I have been building my blog for over 2 years and I really feel each time we get a bigger interview we are peaking twoards success.My life seems to be almost hard core with a spin of crazyness. I love my music, I love living the Hardcore life style.