Exclusive Interview with Fallible

Brandon Harris: Hey guy’s what got you into music?

Tony: Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain inspired me to pick up the guitar. It was a pawn shop Fender Stratocaster that I first started on.

Shawn: Guitar Hero. I’m totally serious about this. No regrets.

Dan: Music was always playing at my house when I was growing up. My Dad always told me that he would put headphones on my Mom’s stomach and play Nirvana while I was in utero.

Derek: When I was growing up, all my family listened to was country, and I hated it, therefore I was a late bloomer musically. When I finally discovered the radio, I heard a song off of Metallica’s Ride the Lightning and immediately fell in love. It was like all the music I had dreamed of actually existed for the first time.

Brandon Harris: Human Anyway talks a lot about change. What were you going through in life when this song was written?

Shawn: As a band, we were going through changes in our style and our line-up. We were completely rebooting and the first song Tony and I wrote together was Human Anyway. The song encapsulated the concept of being fallible, or being capable of making mistakes.

Brandon Harris: What emotions and feelings invoked these lyrics?

Shawn: It was written during a transitional period and we felt we were taking our past experiences and mistakes and making something new from it.

Brandon Harris: As a band what are your plans for the summer?

Dan: Tour, tour, tour

Shawn: Dan’s got it right, tour.

Brandon Harris: What is the biggest show you have ever played?

Derek: When I first joined, we played with the band Spence at a small local bar called Venue 51. Even though it wasn’t necessarily the “biggest” show we have played, its small, personal atmosphere definitely left an impression.

Tony: We had a great time playing the Omaha Entertainment Arts and Awards showcase. This event lasted two days and featured over 70 live performances from some of the best bands in Omaha. We received a couple of great reviews from The Reader and Hear Nebraska on our performance and are very grateful.
Shawn: Playing with Silverstein this year, considering how much we respect that band, it feels like our biggest yet.

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to go in the next ten years?

Dan: Worldwide domination, we better be, it’s 10 years from now. (Chuckles)

Tony: I’m retiring in 10 years. (laughs)

Shawn: Wherever the wind takes me...don’t put that. (Everyone laughs)

Derek:  Since nobody can answer this question seriously, I will say the obvious: we all hope to have ditched our day jobs and have found success with our music by then. (No one laughs)

Brandon Harris: How did you all come up with the name Fallible?

Shawn: When I was listening to “Erase All Memory,” by 32 Leaves I heard the word and found the meaning to be interesting and something that we could build off of conceptually.

Brandon Harris: Who inspires you on a daily basis?

Dan: My fiance is the one that pushes me to follow my dreams and passions. She is also the one that influenced my decision to join Fallible.

Tony: Other Omaha bands have really made me want to up my game as a performer and musician. The bands in the local scene have been very supportive of each other.

Derek: When I think about my mother and how tough it has been to be the caretaker of my family, I am always inspired to try to be the best that I can. She has always been a huge supporter of my goals as a percussionist.

Brandon Harris: What is one thing most fans do not know about you?

Dan: I am an extremely introverted person when not on stage, but when I am up there, it’s where I find the most comfort to fully express myself.

Tony: I used to be a deputy Sheriff and I practice Wing Chun Kung Fu occasionally with Dan.

Shawn: I write music almost daily, and about 90% of those songs never leave my computer.

Derek: I love videogames. I aspire to one day be developing my own game concepts; preferably on my own, but I know how monumental of a task that can be, so I still have much work to do. The potential games have to cohesively involve music, art, and original stories in an interactive way has always fascinated me.

Brandon Harris: If you could hit the stage with any legend who would it be?

Shawn: I know we all have our own influences and each aspire to play with many bands, but for myself, Breaking Benjamin is on the top of that list.

Tony: I have pretty eclectic taste, but if I had to mention just one, it’d be Frank Zappa. Since he is no longer with us, it would be great to share the stage with Dweezil Zappa.

Dan: I have always dreamed of playing the Family Values Tour with Korn and Deftones, considering they have been some of my biggest influences growing up.

Derek: This one is tough to pinpoint, but I have always been thoroughly impressed with the drums of Tool’s Danny Carey. I would join the Occult to learn from that guy. I love this guy’s drum parts so much that I have even sneaked into the Green Room of a Tool cover band just to try and get some conversation time from the guy covering Carrey’s parts.

Brandon Harris: What is the next step for Fallible?

Shawn: Everything. More touring, more recording, more presence - we are ready to take Fallible to the next tier.

Brandon Harris: What are your tour plans for the summer?

Derek: We will be hitting the Midwest in July almost every weekend. Des Moines, Grand Island, Kansas City, Chicago - we’ll be there. Then in August we will be spending a week touring in Texas and getting comfortable with the heat.

Brandon Harris: When can we expect new material from Fallible?

Derek: We just released our debut full-length album, Left Behind, this year. I know Shawn is always writing, and as a band we often diddle around with some great stuff that I would love to see us playing on stage some day, but it might be awhile until we’re ready to unveil any “new” new music.

Shawn: We’re probably looking at Winter as a timeframe to have new material in the works.

Brandon Harris: What is touring like for your band?

Tony: I find it interesting that each venue has a different vibe. It’s exciting to share our material with a brand new crowd and every show is a new opportunity to show them a good time.

Derek: the thought of being stuck in a car with these 3 for days in a row makes me sweat. (Laughs jokingly) I just hope every time that we return with life in us to carry on with the same enthusiasm to play every single night.

Brandon Harris: Where have you been the most state wise?

Dan: Well, considering our youth as a band, Nebraska is our homebase.

Derek: We are eager to gain more exposure outside of Nebraska, and that is our ultimate goal for this summer.

Brandon Harris: What other country would you like to tour?

Derek: I have never been out of the US, and I don’t like that. I would really love to make it to Europe in the near future. I know a couple Omaha drummers that have been to Europe on tour and I have heard nothing but amazing things.

Tony: Our touring manager is associated with a company in the UK, and the possibility of touring there sounds pretty exciting. I have always wanted to visit Japan as well.

Brandon Harris: Over the summer what is the biggest plan you all have thus far?

Derek: Our goal for this summer is really a much broader goal than anything specific. We want to succeed on all fronts, so it is hard to find a specific plan that we think of as the biggest. But more than anything, we really hope that the music resonates with people and leaves a lasting impression.

Brandon Harris: Where can fans find your music?

Tony: Everywhere! iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon - most larger musical outlets on the web have our album. Youtube also has our new music video for the title track off of our album, Left Behind.
What lead each of you to music, and how has it helped your life?

Derek: If I didn’t have the friends I did growing up, I would be a drastically different person, and I credit them with encouraging me to pursue music as a serious part of my life. If it weren’t for music, I don’t know where I would find an outlet for the stresses that make their way into my life; maybe I’d use drugs or alcohol as a way to cope, but music has changed that and given me a place to release my tensions.

Tony: My first experience with a band was with a small garage band that had a lifespan of two shows. Then things kind of imploded, but that band is what started my journey as a performer. Being a musician has made me more aware of music as a whole. As a result, listening to music has become more of an active experience for me rather than a passive one. Being fully engaged with the music I listen to has heightened my appreciation for the art.

Dan: My father gave me the option of joining my school band or getting guitar lessons growing up - it made sense to my fifth grade self to become the rockstar so it was a no brainer to go with guitar lessons. With how active music is in my life, it has become the source of my social circle and I commit a large part of my free time with my instrument.

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Shawn: We appreciate all of the support we have gotten from our friends in our hometown. Our album, Left Behind, wouldn’t have come to fruition the way we would have wanted if we didn’t have all of you helping us along the way. Thank you!