What the hell could you be thinking? That is what crosses my mind as I blog sometimes. Ive been doing this as if it were a religion. I let blogging inter fear with everything in my life but I love it. I long to write. I sit late at night thinking a lot of the time, about what is going on in music and what I can write about. Music has been a passion of mine for my years. I often cannot express exactly how I feel verbally but for some reason once I get behind my blog I can let loose and really express my love for an ancient art that i truly love. Music not only guides me through life but also helps me express who I am. I had met a young lady at a point in my life where I felt I could no longer be found a s a person of interest to anyone, she was amazing. I had been in a rough spell and unsure I was someone important. A promoter a hip hop guy but most of all what I'm trying to say was again music brought something whole into my life. If it weren't for music I would have never met her.

    So as often as I sit around thinking what the hell could I be thinking, I also feel that without this passion, this long lust for music I would have never met the right person in my life. Could this habit of mine have lead to the one true thing I was looking for all along? Could the love of my life have been found through my passion for music? Could this actually be so? I think it may have happened that way!