Aguny Ase is off the chain!

             Hey yall  I have to say not often am I so impressed with a local and or non local underground artist that I just plain out write about them, but today has changed that. I came across Aguny Ace yesterday on my way to work. The guy really impressed me. His music, and lyrics blew my mind. He was off the chain. His sound completely diffrent than anything I ever heard. I have to say this guy has got real talent. For an artist from Alabama you better catch him while you can. His sound and eveything is completely diffrent than anything I usually hear, As an artist this guy will go far. I can only hope you as my readers take a second and give his music a listen. He is definatly amazing!!

         Aguny Ase is something diffrent. His music, an art beyond your wildest imagination. our team has not seen such light in a young artist in years. Or hopes can only be to see this young artist succeed!