"A Littile More Love" By MGK Review


              "A little more love" by Machine Gunk Kelly featuring Victoria Monet hits home with a very big impact. Hitting on current culture and even referencing the current issue. For a recording artist Machine Gun Kelly is reaching here for new levels of musical freedom. Taking Underground Music main stream and hitting thing on a whole new level. He seems to find current issue very bothering, from Suicide to guns, and oil spills. At one point he says you can give up like they tell you, stop like they tell you, im trying to tell you fuck what they tell you. That statement in and of itself really hits hard. Hes basically in a nut shell telling youth today to think independently which is not often done. In a five minute and ten second video he hits everyone from the government to the bully's. Kelly is defiantly hitting it harder and harder. With over 3.4 Million hits on the video which was released on May 18th. This song defiantly impacted me and I think it is well worth a listen I would go as far to call it revolutionary and innovating. Machine Gun Kelly has done it again!

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