A bit from Wolfpac on the Gathering

Written By: WolfPac
Addressing one wee bit of staleness in an otherwise incredibly super fresh Gathering of the Juggalos experience!
What an amazing honor it was for WOLFPAC at this years Gathering of the Juggalos and what a great success overall the Gathering was for many! There was so much freshness going on and so much positivity it was some really next level flavor going on in every corner of Legend Valley, we really hope they invite the Juggalo family back next year! For WOLFPAC, we had so much fun on every aspect we were involved with! From WOLFPAC hosting Psychopathic Radio live from the Gathering to WOLFPAC MC'ing the Juggalo Psyphers Video contest and then how could we forget the honor of performing live in front of hundreds of thousands of family members, or being asked to perform with the Psychopathic Family for the "Deadly Medley" to close out the entire Gathering! All of which we were having a blast doing from the very first second till the very end! But even fresher about the whole Gathering is the opportunity this once a year event gives us to connect with our long distance family members whom we haven't been able to see since last year! People like our good friends The Rude Boy or Kevin Gil or DJ Clay and so on, and I wonder what each of their opinions is on this matter! To be part of such an entity that is the Gathering is truly a blessing for all of us! That us why it saddens me to have to address a bit of staleness that we encountered during this years Gathering that needed to handled before someone got hurt bad or even worse. Normally we wouldn't even publicly acknowledge this sort of negative but a few friends and fans asked us what happened so we figured we would respond before the sewing circle drama lama lamas blow it out of proportion in true crybaby internet fashion.
So basically it boils down to this, on Wednesday late afternoon there was a man inside of the Gathering using a large stationary sling shot link device at his camp site standing off to the left side of this tall incline off the main access points. This access point fed into the campgrounds in one direction and the other fed into where the crowd would later stand as artists performed. He was using this device to basically blindside passers by at some distance by launching what appeared to be balloons filled with some unknown liquid among a few other various objects to help the distance of the projectile, launching at them from 35 to 40 feet away, high into the air and into the bypasses only to have them unexpectedly slam into whatever they were aimed at. Not into the crowd area mind you where people would be watching a show but basically on this road hidden to basically sucker punch vehicles and people passing by who wouldn't have a clue as it was coming from until it was too late at least 35 ft away! Really a stale move as some unaware person or persons could be simply walking and or driving by to be suddenly broadsided in the face by a water balloon filled with God knows what kind of liquid as well as some other sort of small hard projectile like a rock inside the balloon to give it the necessary weight to travel further via his sling shot. Any case, it came across the radio (private radio system the security and psychopathic all use to communicate within the campground) about this guy and his actions and that there were earlier reports from several Juggalos being already injured by this. Further that security had already identified this person of interest, and made contact with him to warn him to stop. Then shortly after as a few of our WOLFPAC girls were traveling down that road headed to the production area behind the side of the main stage to be part of the "Psychopathic All-Stars Meet and Greet" as requested by Psychopathic Records. It was there when out of the blue she was blindsided and struck very hard on the side of the face and in the eye area actually cutting the corner of her right eyelid area and causing it to swell up instantly! So that was that, after seeing her eye, and the cut, taking some pictures of the damage area and cleaning her up I went to go talk to the man. Once we got close we stopped and witnessed the guy who matched the description doing this a few times to some very unhappy passers by. We then took it upon ourselves to then video recorded him doing this same action with my smart phone. I wondered why the hell this guy was doing this, perhaps he didn't know he was hurting people and that he needed to stop doing it before someone got even worse hurt to the point where it might cause legal problems for Psychopathic Records. When we walked down to him while he was still holding several liquid filled balloons he instantly admitted to being the person who threw the balloon that hit her, when he was informed that he hurt someone bad, and that he needed to stop because there was a good chance he was going to hurt others,
It was at that point he assured us he well knew what he was doing. He basically told us and then security to fuck off, that he thought it was funny "that is what he did for fun" and that that he didn't care because "ICP throws Faygo bottles into their crowd" and that is just crap! Now its one thing to go to a show like ICP or GWAR where you know and expect the bands are going to throw stuff into the crowd that you paid to be a part of so therefore your ready for it, or like when you go to a Madball or Hatebreed show and you go close to the pit, you know what your in for, but its a whole other thing when your a just some person minding your own business, walking from point A to point B not while any artists or performers were performing only to be blindsided by being slammed in the face hard by one of his projectiles. I asked him again, why he wasn't concerned that he hurt someone and probably would hurt some other Juggalos, that his actions could cause some serious problems for Psychopathic Records, at which time I was told to "Fuck myself and fuck the Juggalos" by this man" that he would "Continue to do what he wanted to do!" At this point he made it clear by his actions, he told the security now for the second time to fuck off including us, he had no concerns for anyone's safety whatsoever or the concerns for causing something that may put the future of the Gathering of the Juggalos at risk. All I could imagine is imagine this guy hitting a 9 year old in the face with whatever his chooses to put into his balloon this time, or worst yet how about a undercover cop, that's all we need is a "The Juggalos assault police at this years Gathering" headline in the news! So noticing there were many other Juggalos witnessing what this man was saying and doing the response was "Well if that's the way you want to be then your out" and the security made the decision to remove him from the campground and we agreed. It just didn't make any sense, even after being told he was hurting people, asked to stop doing it and given the chance to simply stop and apologies all he wanted to do was try to act tough to security and continue along his merry way doing what he wanted to do regardless of consequences to anyone. Once the security had made their decision this person became confrontational and aggressive with them so they felt the need to call in local police. Once police arrived, assisted the situation, talked to security who had ready warned this person several times and talked to some of the other witnesses and victims it was clear to them what the situation was and they escorted him from the Gathering. Even the one guy next to him was like "Man once they told me, I stopped" and came over to shake the securities hands. The thing that sucks, the real staleness was, no matter what anyone said, he just didn't understand, or couldn't understand what was wrong with what he was doing that his actions actually hurt someone physically and he didn't give a fuck, but more so he didn't care about the consequences for his actions to them or any of us including the Gathering and that in fact he was planning to carry on like this for the entire event. Worse yet he was a grown man, not some kid and it either never even entered into his mind that indeed he was hurting people but also possibly causing damages to Psychopathic ability to put on an event such as the Gathering or he did and he just didn't care! Here the family is, under all sorts of scrutiny and being investigated by the FBI, being viewed as violent gang members and all that and this guy has to go pull some shit like that? Come on man... I often wonder if people realize how hard it is for Psychopathic Records to put on this event, how much work we all put into every aspect to make it fresh as hell for so many different people? Its juts a damn shame really... If your the kind of person who is going to hate us for defending innocent bystanders from being hurt by bully tactics, or defend The Gathering of the Juggalos and everything that we all cherish, well then by all means hate on hater, its that kind of hate that keeps us all warm at night.
Any case, that is just the mega small bit of staleness I wanted to address from this years Gathering of the Juggalos, I wonder what some of my other Psychopathic homes would have to say on the matter? What you think is very important.
The beautiful news in all of this is that super itsy bitttsy mega small bit of staleness was surrounded by some of the most amazing people I have the honor of knowing, the Juggalos, and the artists who represent them and covered in the blessings of God to be able to be part of such an amazing event! Hope that clears it up for y'all! I wonder what Rudy Hill or Kevin Gill would say about this? What about you, what do you think!