A bit about Underground Interviews

Brandon Harris - Founder UG 
        Ok so originally I as a person wanted to be a musician. Music is my passion, but growing up I realized after a few bands I wasn't meant to be a rocker. Rock music wasn't my area of expertise. i loved rock music, but I defiantly did not fit in that scene. Don't get me wrong I love Rock and metal but I just couldn't keep up. Rap was my next venture. Trust me when I say venture I mean it. I went on for almost three years trying to become the next eminem, and that didn't work. So as I went on and great and grew I continued to try almost everything a person could think of. The funny thing was my day job in between times was politics. So I just felt music was the place to be. In early 2011 I finally had figured it out. I was setting out to be a promoter. This would work I figured it was the right path to take. I spent a lot of time and money chasing this dream. I started with a crew called FOCUZ Ent out of Blue Island working with a guy named Chucky Ardent. Chucky had been one of the core members of a well known rap crew 2nsane and then they broke up and each went their own way.

        Chucky allowed me to manage his rap career and I went as crazy as I could. We set up and threw show after show at local venues and went onto build a movement. That was short lived though. In 2012 I had a little girl and having a child is great. But she was born with a disability that is extremely rare. Me and my fiance at the time began taking financial hits and soon I found myself out of music and back to a full time day job. I hated it I really did, I'm the type of person who loves to flow through life and I love music it is my passion. So as the political year went on and I was working with a few friends at the time on a new concept " Eye of The Underground Magazine". Jesse Lambert of Arch Angle photography and myself were prepping the launch of our first online magazine. We built a concept, had an idea and we were on a path. Somewhere in between there our ideas went in two separate directions. I again was stuck working a day job hoping I could find some sort of outlet.

     On the night of my daughters biggest up coming operation I was nervous, I really couldn't sleep and I needed to get my mind in a clearer direction and boom it hit me for some reason in the most pressuring time of my life, Underground Interviews. At the time it was an idea. A hope. So then Came the planning of this great concept. I sat for hrs a few days after my daughters operation, she was sleeping I was planning this blog you must be reading if you have gotten this far in my post. i knew I wanted to interview musicians, but I also knew I wanted to help young expressive artist succeed. This was my passion. So I dove in and gave it my all. Now three years later we have released 1000 blog post and continued to bring you information on all of the musician's we can humanly cover. I just felt it was time to really start showing the face behind the blog so I hope you enjoyed the read. More coming next week!