Underground Industry

        Underground Music is all over the place right now. There are more and more and more artist popping up all over the place. These artist range in age and shape and size. But they all have one thing in common, the want to succeed in the industry. The industry is changing, and modern artist are faced with a lot of unusual tasks.. They now more than ever must work and really work. Its not uncommon for artist in today's society to have to spend 10 to 15 years building themselves with the hope of one day gaining stardom. Yes things like Facebook and YouTube have built some over night stars, but there are millions who never make it trying everyday. 

      Sheer dedication and persistence mixed with great quality and marketing is about the only way to even brink the walls of success. CD'S a thing of the past can still be found at local shows, merch also sits there and often sells a piece at a time. Real people spend their time and money to try to make it and often fail.  Those who do succeed have this holy-grail of a concoction that helps them get where they are. Often we expect immediate result's. Those results rarely come un earned. Yes there are a few artist of which have literately blown up over night but not many.  The reality of it is time dedication and years and years of work. 

     The Underground music scene is thriving and at an all time high. We are seeing tons of new talent, but as quick as some make headway, they can also fall. Artist such as Boondox, a great performer who     made a huge success is now just as many other fading into a long lost line of performers who had almost made it all the way. We see often these talented individuals for whatever reason quit, or move out of the industry. It is and always will be one of the hardest industry's to break into of all times, and few will make it. But if you put your efforts in the right places you may be the next big thing on the horizon!