The story of Deadmau 5

Deadmau5 or Joel thomas zimmerman  is tearing up the scene with over 9,000,000 fans he is bigger than ever. Dropping his debut album in 2005 "Get Scraped" he began on a huge path to success.  Now 7 releases later he is by far the number 1 DJ in the world. With fans on every contenent Deadmu5 is leading the EDC world by far. With an estimate $11 million coming in this year he is far from a starving artist. Ranking in at $100,000 per show he is definatly doing quite well for only being 34 years old. Coming into the music industry by storm his music and flow are both off the chain.

      Deadmau5 started as any other artist comig up. Born in Toronto, Canada in 1985. In his teens Deadmau5 recieved his first mix board and fell in love. From there his music grew. It was not until 2005 that his first album was released, but from there he just kleept growing into a huge success. Then in 2006 came vexillology following the release the previous year. As his music grew so did his success.

In July of 2010 after over doing it on stage Deadmau5 colapsed on stage from exaustion and dehydration and cancled the next 9 preformances he had scedualed. Int 2012 he began dating tv personality Kat Von D their short lived love was quickly ended in November of that year and then rekindled in December when Deadmau5 anounced live on twitter that the couple was engaged and would be married. The wedding was set in August 2013 and the couple never made it that far. In June 2013 Kat Von D anounced the couples split and that was the end of that relationship.

       Zimmerman has won three IDMA awards including best artist. As a dj he has also choosen to give back to other artist. Hosting the Mau5trap in Miami and hosting a series of competetions for other musicians as well. In 2012 Llas Vegas also anounced the official Deadmau5 day. This was a great honor for Zimmerman and his success did not stop there. He has released his most recent album While ( 1>2) which was released on June 17th, 2014. That album made it to number 1 on the US dance / electric music charts, as well as the UK dance albums charts as well, and it made number 9 on the US Billboard charts. With much more to come we can only sit and waite to see what he has to bring us in 2015!