The Beatles

 The Beatles an all time favorite band, have become legendary. I remember as a child my mother would dance around the house singing to "  Yellow Submarine"  and many other hits by the epic band. Now almost 55 years after the band first was created, their music still flows through our radios, and generation to generation. A once small band for Liverpool, now a legend to live on for years to come. As they began in 1960 with four members. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star began what would become Era to music.

      In the early 1960's their popularity grew, and was known as beatlemania.  Their music grew deeper and deeper. They began to be part of a social-cultural that would last decades. Their first big hit that would put them on the map to success " Love me Do" Came out in late 1962. As the grew a mass popularity in the United Kingdom the band had lit the flame to a fire with no end.  As beatlemania grew so did the fab four. Leading them to the front lines of the British invasion of the American pop music market by 1965.

    Their music reached a generation and built an almost cult like following. Fans from all over the world. As their albums released one by on the band grew and grew. First came the Rubber Soul, and then Revolver, next was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band, then the White album and finally The Abbey Road. Within a period of ten years this band took the world by surprise and grew out of control. The Beatles grew and grew and continue to this day to be the heart of rock music.