How to become a rapper

How to become a rapper 
 Now day's around almost every corner there are rappers, and hip hop artist. If you look through Facebook or social media, you will find thousands of rappers. The industry is growing out of scale and into a market most often times seen as a get rich quick scheme. There are Millions of young people attempting everyday to get into this field and often no on to lead them in the right direction. Becoming a rapper is a lifestyle change, not just a game. To get into this game it takes a lot of work and effort.

      There are quite a few steps on getting into this industry, and many never make it. There are young people constantly recording in basements and doing local shows with hopes of becoming famous, and or successful. Becoming a rapper is a step by step process. If this career interest you, you should  defiantly read this post and see if you feel you have what it takes to follow the steps provided. With a market that is ever changing and a field that is not easy to keep up with its first things first. As a musically minded person you must look at the whole picture. If you want to be a rapper, can you write good lyrics? Writing is essential in this field, yes some people make it with ghost writers, but most often original content is what leads to success. If you can write original content, save a bit of money and purchase a handful of beats from a local producer. Learn your beats, and build a pattern pattern. Take time on these steps the sears tower was not built in a day and your rap career wont be either. Once you have spent time learning the songs you have prepared and you feel comfortable recording it is time to find a studio. Yes your homie might have a home built studio in his basement but truth be told spending the extra money to go to a real professional studio is the way to go. As we have learned over the years doing things right the first time always seems to work better.

      Once you have searched and found a studio that can match you needs, set up and scheduled a studio session. Go in with the mentality that this portion of your life could take months or even a few years. Record your songs, giving them just the right feel and pattern. Once it sounds just how you want it, get to the next track. Repeat this process until you have a good hand ful of songs or your first EP. Once this step is finished comes the real hard work, and it is at this step most often rappers quit or continue.

      Now you must build your social media platforms. We all use facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. But now more than ever these sites can effect our lives. Did you know that social media is becoming a metric for success? If you build your pages right and gain the necessary following you can surely begin climbing in numbers and followers. Building these pages can be pretty simple if you follow the right steps as well. Developing a Facebook fan page is always a great step. When developing fan pages look at the information on the page, always fill in as many details as possible. Attempt to leave no blank spaces. Blank Spaces often lead to a lost connection or lead. Also learn how to create custom artwork for your pages, such as page headers presentation is everything. If your page looks great and is informative you are 100 times more likely to grab someones attention. You can use simple picture editing sites for FREE to create amazing artwork such as   once you have built a page add friends to like the page. Maybe even go to a local printer and get some flyers, or handouts. Begin the ground work and promotion. Start to develop a  base and work this step for about 5 to 6 months. Once you feel you have it down, we can prepare to move to the next step. 

     Once your Social media pages have been created and you have put in the work to build your career on a music front and in the social media the back end comes in. You must now find local shows and book yourself on them. Booking yourself on shows can be hard at first. You will need a few things to show promoters you have what it takes to get to this point. Social media, and views are a must. As a promoter, I book talent on a daily basics. This is how myself and other promoters feed our family's.  We most often want to know exactly what you sound like and how many people you can draw to our show. By branding yourself and developing a social media following, this will secure you a spot on show indefinitely. If you can show a promoter by putting you on stage He or She will have another 15 people in the crowed that evening more than likely he or she will book you to preform. Remember branding and social media.    These steps should get you started and from there its all hard work and effort. Stay tuned in for more advice from our team!