Who is Billz?

J Espo and Billz Live at Tullys in Morris, IL  
What got you into underground music?

-Really ive always had my cuzn Espo in my corner! n that grab me from a kid.

Who are you as  a musician?

- Tbh i feel as an artist that im more of a  humble musician! I just have a general love for hiphop n any one that has the balls to get up their n put them selfs out there SHOULD be shown just as much love as ANY other artist!!!

Who was your inspiration?

-Theirs alot of inspiration out their for me.. but truly J-Espo has been the real inspiration behind everything i have been apart of n he'll always be apart of it! point blank

What do you have coming up for the summer?

-Ummm i got some thing cookn up me n my partner (Espo) are doing some networking! Were ALWAYS down to get on tracks with the other artist!! But we do have a show at Mojoes Jun5th coming up and its going to be a grate show.. We have some awesome local talent come out to open up the show!! The TurnUp gonna be REAAALLL i promise... were also going to open up for smoke'm records music the 30th of this month and i already kno its gonna be poppn!!

Who are you outside of underground music?

-I work on semis n semi trailers for a living. I do road service i mean im on the side of the high way everyday with car whipping past at 65+ 7ins away n tbh its a high just like yu getting on stag to perform n thats what I live for!! Road Runner Bitch MEEP MEEP ON DA ASS!!!!!

What are your 5 year goals?

-What i see for The Chicago Out Fit with in the next 5 years is going bigger then local.. Dont get it twisted i love performing at all the shows local n love working with everyone involved
 in these shows n i got mad respect for ALL the artist everyone has their talent that makes them different n in a grate way. N lets face it no one whats to just be local for the rest of there career in the game!! Plus Theirs soooo much more out their for all of use...!

What do you prefer hoe's or a woman at home?

-Im not gonna say i would nvr wife a chick up... N LBS Every dude likes hoes with out hoes life would be boring!! But im just taking shit day by day what ever happens happens... Im just doin me brother!!

J Espo and Billz live at Tullys in Morris, IL 
What do you see coming for your squad?

-I see some REAL hot shit coming we found the sound we been looking for as far as beats, recording,studios exc!!But Every song has n will keep getting better... out of everyone we been messing with one of us ARE GONNA make it theirs no doubt in my mind!! N i think we all have enough love for what were doing rn to pull ALL of us to the TOP!!!!  (Better Kno It)

Who was your favorite artist to work with?

-On some real shit cynical has been OUT STANDING to work with from studio time too on stag I mean his got alot of energy n with him n espo and myself  on a track we mash well with eachother and im looking forward to working with cyn again and many other around here!!

What do you have to say to your fans?

-I just wanna say thank yu to everyone that comes out n supports The Chicago Out Fit n i hope everyone stays in tune and keeps coming out we appreciate everyone that shows love!! I wanna shout out the underground nation for the support n seeing are talent we have to offer and also for cynical from The OutSider for showin mad love n hopping on the last two tracks that are just straight DIRTY!! And a HUGE shout up to Vice Verse for believing in me and hookn me up with my VERY first show!! Now thats love straight tf up Thanks for the support my dude!!!!!!!
n thats all i got for yall thanks for the support!! BiLLz