Three Days Grace New Album



Credit: Alternative Nation
Three Day's Grace is an amazing band with a great new album . With years of great music and hits coming out Three Day's Grace brought you a great new album Human. There music has done nothing but gotten better. Matt Walst went all out on his vocals. The album was well put together and the cover art is phenomenal. With all due respects Three Day's went well out and above expectations with their new album. The album peaked at #1 on the Billboards hard rock chart.  We are left to wonder what these guys were thinking when they wrote some of these songs? ."Started with a click and punch, A claw to  the face,  and I was in the race, yea I was in the race".  Those words coming from their new song Human Race. Three Days Grace still amazes us 15 years after first reaching the lime light. Their hits rocked us as a whole. Almost all millennials have listened to the band. Some of us growing up hung on their every word, and others knew a song or two. But all and all everyone knew who they were.   

      As days seemed to turn to years their hits and greatest songs rocked an entire generation. Songs like Animal I've become that was released over 5 years ago now reaching over 53,000,000 hits on youtube. For a band that started in 1992 as the " Groundswell" their name and music has changed over the years. With a crisp fresh new sound ladies and gentleman I present you with Human The best rock album of the year.....# HUMAN