Pyrobethename has brought a new line of underground music to the Chicago scene. With great music, nd a huge new feel to his music, Pyro will be giving some of the Chicago locals a challenge. Pyro has songs reaching 100,000 views and counting. With great music and a solid team his stage preformance is amazing and so is his music. Pyro is on his way to the top and has a lot going on. With constant travel and his new up coming colab with Morris,IL rapper William Frank there is a lot to be heard from this young rapper. He comes from Chicago and has been creating music for years and is just getting started in his long career.  With songs like Why they mad and fuck it generating mass amounts of hits Pyro will have no issue taping into the industry. 

Pyro is defiantly heading somewhere quick and if you want to see some great shows and hear music that can defiantly give you a good feel for some real Chicago rap music.