F.T.I Army impresses JellyRoll

     By: Brandon Harris

Peze of FTI blew my mind in Lynchfield,  IL at the Jelly Roll show. We had decided to travel down with an artist we work with Will Frank. As we headed down, a pack of Marlboro's in hand we talked about the up coming show. The act most fans looked forward too was Jelly Roll, I do enjoy jellyroll, but I was looking forward to our guys preforming. Will Frank and Cortez. We pulled in and Will had been filming a music video of  Kommon Groundz another bad ass crew from the area. I watched as the video went on and wandered inside. There sat a merch booth that really impressed me, it was owned by a label called F.T.I Army, The booth was filled with great designs,and had a few key attributes. My eyes were instantly drawn to their TV, it played music videos. Then came the lights pointed at the merch. The designs were original and different. The merch girl was attractive and friendly. They really had their merch game on point.  The booth stood out with a true look of professionalism and quality. 

      As we walked in the crowed was nothing more than artist, merch tables and a few bar workers. But soon in came Jelly Roll. He walked in checking out each merch table complementing a few. He then came across F.T.I Army's table. He stoped and looked in aww. He then called his manager over. He asked why they had not had this type of set up and told his manager to get on it. Then he took time asking how they went about etting the booth up and also about their music. He was genuinely inspired and spoke of their table a few times through the night.  To me that had already sold there crew to me. So at this point I was looking forward to hearing their guys go. The show went on multiple artist and then our guys. As they continued a rapper named Peze went on stage. He had a great stage presence and his lyrics were very well thought out and written to a tee. His music, look, and stage performance was unbelievable. He went on for quite a few songs, each keeping fans moving, he seemed to be a bit of a local legend. The music on point and clear. 

     All in all the entire show was amazing. As a entertainment company owner, and the founder of Underground Interviews I come across a lot of musicians and shows. This had to be in my top 10 shows ever and that is saying a lot!