A bit from the founder

        Underground Interviews has been my heart and home for a long time. I often find comfort in writing. I have a real life. I work, we film do music videos, shows and much more but I defiantly love resorting to my end of the evening plans of writing a blog post,  or doing an interview. I have found it amazing that we have received so many followers and subscribers. Our team is heading in newer directions and our goals are getting bigger and bigger. By the end of this year we would like to have covered a lot of our bases and even more territory.

        I feel accomplished. I'm 25 my team now covers 35 states and 15 other nations. As a business owner and a music lover we have managed what a lot of teams could never do. I am so proud of my team and our work it has come very far. Please stay tuned in for what all we have coming up!!