What happened to real Music

    What is music if there is no meaning to it. When rappers and writers only look for the hype, where is the creativity? I honestly find no need for the current waves of music with no point. What happened to the writers who hit on situation in their lives, or other peoples circumstances. When did the love of music get underplayed for the want of success. Music has a soul, each song should have real deep meaning. That's why music was created. To tell a story, not to repeat the same meaningless words over and over as if they were important. 

    Today's world has some great poets and writers. But often musicians loose their selves in the endless pits of rubbish. Never truly breaking beyond that point of freedom, sheer bliss. If a writer can only tap into his or her true emotions, the impact their music has is twice as powerful. A true poet, or writer craft's each and every word as if it where her or his last. That is when you know a song has ture depth. 

   With times growing rough, and our world forever changing there is no lack of muse in our current state. Only a lack of true artistry, and lack of knowledge control the industry.  I myself began to think earlier, as I work with many up and coming artist, some of the things we do that I feel we could change. For instance, putting an end to the violence in our music, could change the world. It only takes one rain drop to start a flood.. We as a people. A community must make changes to better our lives and circumstances. We must also though be true to ourselves, and not sell out. Selling out is not an option. We all want something, whether it be money,sex,drugs,happiness, success, we all crave something in our lives. If we took the time to craft these cravings into our lyrics in our music, and show true emotion and inflection music could change the world. 

    We as people must take back our music. We must regain control of what we put out and music. Our hearts must be in what we do. If they are not we fail at whatever we try to do,