New Will Frank album on the way

Rapper William Frank has new album on the way. With 5 albums and almost 1.1 Million plays, rapper William Frank plans to drop a 6th album. The rapper and producer has a lot in store for his fans.  As an underground music fan I love his music. With no release date available at this point, Will plans to release the new album Soon. " Miss Fits" will defiantly bring some true emotion mixed with hardcore rap from Will. As his spring begins Will Frank will be opening up for Wakka Flakka, Jelly Roll, and will be a headline at the " ILL Music fest, April 24th and 25th,With his most recent album " Emergency Room Visit" going over great with his fans, the new album should go over well. 

   Will Frank started his music career in Morris, IL. With years under his belt and a fast  growing base, Will Frank is like wildfire. Family Ent growing on a daily basics and their team combining almost 2 Million views. Will Frank and his team are moving twoards a bigger and better future.