Chicago Rap Scene

         Whats up with the Chicago Rap scene lately? I am starting to feel like it is our turn to turn out a generation of famous rap stars. From Cheef Keef, Lil Durke, and King Luie we have been hitting home runs. Im not saying we have pushed out the best musicians, but they are pretty clever.. We have managed as a city over the past 5 years to rake in over $100 million dollars in revenue from rap music. With artist from all over the city starting to rise, it seems as though Chicago may own the industry. As a city we have pumped out over 30 national artist over the past 5 years and have a lot going on. 

        While interviewing Mac of Envyon Ent, a former producer for Lil Durk I got the inside scoop on whats happening in Chicago. As Mac put it " The city always produces stars, but they don't stay at home. Well now, things are different... I think what Mac was trying to say, is that our local rappers are now staying in our city, and continuing to rep our city well after gaining fame. Our hip hop industry in the city is unfire right now, and if your artist is going to pop it will be now that you would want them in the game. Local artist are starting to rise everywhere.

       A list of locals on their way to fame will be posted after this article is posted but they include a few up and coming local artist. Will Frank, Brewski, White Smoke, Mikey G, Cortez, A - Lane, Haze, and Solow Redline are on tracks to stardom. Chicago has also been the home base for some new style of rap as well called " Trap" Music.