~A Beautiful Life of Love and Deepest Losses, A Beautiful Soul Celebrated~

Recently, my world, turned upside down and shattered with the soul crushing news of one of my dearest friends and greatest loves tragic death... Needless to say, with the history and the memories vivid as yesterday.. How I can ever let go and accept the loss of such a tremendously vibrant, beautiful soul, friend, lover, and mother.. Amber, despite the history between us,  n for those who don't know, tis not for you to know nor understand, forever stead fast as a close dear friend, one whom knew me on a level most never could, always a shoulder to lean on, cry with and share the joys of life, love and laughter.. How we can ever accept the tragic loss of loved ones that can be avoided is beyond my understanding. Though I set things in motion, many years ago that quickly i lost control of, culminating in the loss of such an amazing soul can, and does at times wreak havoc within ones heart and soul... Though I have been a writer/interviewer in the underground for some time now, soon to be a veteran of such, having crafted with words every piece I've ever written, this.... is the first poem, whatever I've written in years, and arguably, the truest, most legit, straight from the soul writing i shall ever do.. This one is for you dearest of friends, Amber, until we meet again know, where ever amongst the stars you may be, that you are tremendously loved, adored, admired, and so, so very missed...... This ones for you girl... 

          ~Amber Borre, A Beautiful Life of love and Deepest Losses, A Beautiful Soul Celebrated~

Do not fret nor shed tear, for I have gone off into the infinite warmth of the light..So many things, hopes and dreams left undone, all that's left unsaid never to be had. Though my time with you all was all too short, forever remember and be joyful at the smiles even the tears we so graciously shared, the sorrow, the pain, love, happiness, wonder and every unnoticed beauty of this world so preciously has seen me home. Life, all too fleeting, take comfort and solace in each moment, beautiful or ugly for every breath a fragile, priceless gift never to be taken for granted no matter your circumstance. How i miss you so, though do not weep for my time in this world was filled with love, beauty and joy thanks to every wondrous soul blessed I was to know. All too soon, things, hopes, dreams left undone, I leave you to carry on finding the joy, love, happiness, and peace knowing when your time comes, you shall find my smile warm and embracing, loving hands extended guiding you home where I now have found the most dazzling, love, peace, comfort and refuge in a paradise well earned. Do not fret nor shed tear for I have gone off into the infinite warmth of the light, rather just know I shall be awaiting our reunion with the truest, most loving and joyous smiles and embrace..