What is the scene for 2015?

    What is the scene of 2015? I spent a lot of time over the past two weeks at diffrent shows and I found two very significant strands of people. One the rap ( Hip hop ) crowed, depending on the venue and crowed they were either loud and crazy, or close and family based. Then came the newer more retro version of the candy kids I used to club with in the early 2000's.  My question is which one dominates the scene in each area. Here in Chicago the two seem to be about neack and neck with artist and followers.

     Club music, or house music pulling a huge following, as does hip hop and rap. Each show and venue has a bit of a different taste to it as well. Such as Mojoes in Joliet which hosted a mixed show by our staff earlier this month. The show consisted of House music and Hip Hop . There were roughly 130 people here and the show went over well, even packing a large out of town crowed. So it seemed that mixing the two may have worked well.

   So what is your scene for 2015?