~What I Feel, Nada Problem feat Epiphany~

                                        ~Nada Problem, "What I Feel" feat. Epiphany~

Oklahoma veteran Hip Hopster Nada Problem, in much expected style and fashion delivers a hard hitting, soul searching, Hip Hop gem with his 2012 "What I Feel" feat fellow underground artist Epiphany. On his 2012 Heart Beats album tracks as this along with other funky fresh beats, philosophically driven rhymes entwined with his iconic style fashion lays out an all round beautifully crafted musical experience, one you're gonna want to make your ears bleed with..

Tracks like this, is what drives me from the darkness, whatever it is life decides to throw my way. Having had the tremendous pleasure of hearing all of his work I can assure you this is one artist destined for greatness, the life and breath his talent pours through the speakers, grabs hold of your spirit giving you that much needed second wind to keep on keeping on...  Give it up for Oklahomas one and only Nada Problem! As always, much love underground and be sure to get down on some Nada Problem whenever, however, wherever.. Much more to come, highly anticipated fresh album fixing to drop so for those who have yet to had the joy of sum Nada Problem... This would be a great starting point. Check him out y'all.