~Trials, Tribulations, n Lifes Harsh Lessons~

Well Underground Nations, what can I say? It has been quite a journey indeed these past few months. Many ups and downs enough to give anyone whiplash and somehow I found myself caught up in the swirling madness and beautiful chaos of life. Having had to step away for some time to gather myself and do what i must, as well as letting go and accepting certain things, harsh life lessons and such I am crawling back out the darkness back into the light and getting back into the mix of things in the underground where I belong and thrive most... Having gotten news of a very dear friend of mine from many lifetimes ago of her overdosing and dying... And me having been the one who set her upon that path to hell so many years ago has had me in quite a dark place the past few days. No i cannot take responsibility for anyones actions or choices but mine, yet what i can do... is take responsibility for things that I with my own two selfish hands set in motion so long ago... And I have to admit its a very harsh cold cruel life lesson to accept and learn from. So, that being said...... Always gotta keep letting go, forgiving, accepting, learning and moving forward as to not get weighed down by life so much it paralyzes you permanently. Tis time ExiLeD returns to the underworld in wicked fresh fashion and keep pushing forward to do my part to shake shit up and forever transform the underground wherever however I possibly can. It is nice being back where I belong and doing what I love most.... So apologies Underground Nations for my absence, n having had all my work mysteriously wiped out really got me down n out, no more... ExiLeDs BACK!!!! Much LuV Underground Nations.