Time to focus on the new Skool

Will Frank - Founder of Family Ent.
 When it comes to good music why do we always depend on sold out artist to get the job done. The next time I turn on the radio and hear another dumb song from some washed up wanna be Hollywood maverick I'm going to puke. I'm sick and tired of shit music to be honest. If you got famous from some dumb ass hair do and you cant even write, get out of the game. I'm tired of over exposed idiots and great rappers being shut out. Guy's like Will Frank, and White Smoke, are often shut down and shut out. 

               Over the past few months I have been working directly with some local rappers. If I can look back at my decisions over the past two months I'm happier. I have taken my time and dedicated it to my daughter,a nd my music. Taking the summer to watch some local stars grow , and to manage them along the way. I have been Working with Will Frank for quite some time. We have been through some concepts and Ideas. As he gets in the lab and goes to work. His music comes off amazing, and always has a point. He has a heart for what he does and works to ensure his music is quality at every touch.  So does rap artist White Smoke. White a rapper from Aurora, IL. Smoke and his crew are also on point and rising right along Will Frank and his team. The two crews on the way to fame, and should be played over and over again 
White Smoke - Founder of Smokem Records 

           Randy Gibson and Mikey G who I meet this evening at a restaurant, are on the brink of success. I honestly feel that our entire team is on the way to taking over the Chicago Land area. If they continue to watch each and every step. Underground Nation has taken off quick, a concept not to far back in history now hosting 4 shows in a row and now working on an Anti Violence album and a huge show for April 24th and 25th. We should defiantly see some huge things happening here! The Ill Noize 2 day Music Fest should be off the chain. Stay tuned into our artist and see whats going on!!

                   Come out to Our Ill Noize show at Club SIP...

Founder UG