The violence needs to end

Rapper - William Frank
  The mind set of most rappers and hip hop artist in general is one sided and usually about making it to their goal. Over the past 39 day's I myself instituted a plan. After years of following musicians, doing interviews, reviews and going to show I finally got fed up. 90% of the people into were great at their craft, very skilled and on point to be honest. But the one thing they all seemed to lack was empathy for violence. Often as a I would slide into the night clubs I would see these young men and woman get on stage and spark the crowed talking about killing, death, drugs, woman and murder. For a long time I saw nothing wrong with this. I openly admit to being one of the people whom hung on almost every word as a teen. At points I was near jail and could have ruined my own life. It's a blessing to have been able to turn my own life around. 

        As time passed, and I myself began to loose people I personally knew it upset me. In or out of underground music the loss was definate. I lost quite a few friends and it kept weighing on me to do something. I did not know what to do but I had a plan. I wanted to impact people in a place I could actually be heard. Then one day about two months ago, unknown to me at the time I would meet the man whom would answer my long lost question? What should I do?

       As a music lover and a young man trying to continue building a career in music I started planning shows. My goal pack the room interview the artist and document the shows. I would be helping both young artist and myself. The plan was grand and as I set off I had my first break. A local rapper Big Truck messaged me on Facebook. We had a conversation and meet for a soda and a talk. As we began to talk I had decided to manage him and help try to grow the 33 year old rapper. He was very honest and down to earth. He was a real person, a husband, a real person, and a hard worker. It was not until a week later though that I would meet the man whom set me in the path to make a real difference.

       While planning my first show of the year having no acquired a rapper, Big Truck to work with for the summer I came across Will Frank. At first glance you would assume Will was a young white college kid with a goal. I did not honestly see past the surface until I played his music. As I did I began to notice a similar theme to his music, It all seemed to tell a story. All of Wills music had a point. Hmmm, I began to think, if a hand full of us could make a cd and change the world, we could have then made a difference and a concept was born. Having been working on a side project with an anti violence movement, I felt it would be a smart move to coincide their efforts with music. As we all know people react to music much different than they do to words. Music seems to have an effect. As I explained this to Will he agreed.  As the idea wondered between the both of us we decided to do an anti violence album. Each artist we brought in would have a different topic to cover and the album would also carry a message and videos.
     As a team we came up with ideas and concepts. Then Will wrote and recorded " Hands Up" his lyrical contribution to the song. The album was one of three phases. Phase 1, the video campaign will be artist speaking out against violence. Stage two will be the album release August 1st and then doors will open for the third stage, change. Our artist have committed to helping the community and putting in work nessary. Stick with us this summer and see this work in action.