The Nicole Collette Interview

A future Oscar film Producer in the making

What got you into film?

I feel like it’s always been in my blood. When I was younger I would sit in class and head the paper with the topic we were talking about to make it look like I was taking notes but I would really be writing ideas for characters and stories and screenplays. I have always related to TV and Movies more than I have to people. I’ve always wanted to know more about how movies were made more than what the movie was about. I swear it just has to be in my blood.
Who are you as a person?

Who am I as a person??? I’m still figuring that out. I’m a young dreamer who works hard to make what people to tell me is impossible, possible.

What is your new film about?

“Now or Never” is about a few different things. One of the main themes is “The decisions you make in life when your younger will shape your life when you are older”. Another theme is “When you love someone you have to let them go”. Another theme is “True love lasts through thick and thin”. It’s really a story about a group of people and the choices they make when they are young and how it effects them and who they become 20 years later. Its about life choices but its told through the ideas of relationships between couples, friendships, and careers.

What are your current goals?

Currently I am at New York Film Academy getting my master’s degree in Filmmaking. After that I just want to start somewhere as an intern or PA on a set. I want to start from the bottom and learn as much as I can from the talented people I work under. On a more personal level I want to get in the works of getting my film made and writing a few more that I have had ideas about for a while. Also I would like to make my production company legit and get that up and going on a more professional level. My over all goal is to hopefully make an Oscar winning film that will change the way people see the world.
As a person, what set's you apart from other people in the industry? 

I’m still figuring that out. For some people it’s the way they write the stories for others it’s the way they show it. For example some people are really good with dialogue, some are really known for the way they use color or lighting, some are known for violent nature. Every great writer/ director/ editor/ cinematographer… they are all known for something specific. I don’t have anything that stands out right now. I am still learning. I think if anything my passion for what I do and they stories I tell stands out the most. I want to make movies that make people change the way the perceive a certain idea. I want to make eye opening movies, ones that some people will watch and be like that was the dumbest movie ever, but then the few, the few like me, they will see it and go this movie changed my life and because of that I now will have to stand up and find a way to give this idea back to the world in my own unique way. I want people to be able to watch something I make and fall in love with the idea that it really only takes you believing in something to make a difference. This is probably starting to sound crazy, but I think you get the idea.

What are you currently doing to better you goals?

Well like I said I am in school. I’m really just embracing the opportunity that I worked my ass off to get. I’m taking in every moment and the ability to learn as much as possible. Most importantly I am learning to FAIL and because of that I am learning to succeed.

What are the next steps with your script to prepare it to film?

The next step is to just finish it. Then have some people read it and write another draft. Then write about 5 more drafts. After that I am going to try to get a way to fund it. I’m not selling it unless I am able to direct it so. I am standing my ground on that. This is going to be my baby from the ground up so whatever I have to do to get it to where it needs to be. Some people have kids, I have my screenplay.

Once you have your concepts together how do you refine it to make it film worthy?

Well you write as many drafts as you need. Honestly it could be 10 or 20 or 30. Maybe its only 5. You just keep rewriting and fine tuning until you know it’s just right.

Who are some of your main characters?

Jack Dalton, he’s a talented musician and the main character. We kind of see life through his eyes.  Then there is Diane, Gina, and Tommy.  They are all the main group. Your going to have to see the movie when it comes out to find out more.

Is there a difference between the filming process and the writing process of a movie?

YES!!! Writing is just setting up the story and the characters. It’s just giving the director the idea and the actors the words. Filming the movie is so much more. It’s taking what is on paper and putting it to life. Both parts are just as important as the other but they are very, very different. 

How long do you think it will take to film this project?

The filming process really depends on the budget. The more money invested, the more time you have to film and the more opportunities you have to get what you want. The lower the budget the less time but the more creative you become. It’s really all depends on money and availability. We will see when it gets to that point.

Have you set a budget yet?

The budget comes when it’s finished and you get people invested in it. If when I get it finished I can sell the idea of what I want to people with a lot of money then I will have a nice budget and more freedom. If I can’t get people to invest in it then the budget will be smaller. It really depends on how you sell the idea and who invests in it.

Do you have any links to your work?

I’m also on facebook, twitter, and instagram and I keep up to date with all my projects and what I am working on all the time.

What would you say would lure potential investors to your film?

Don’t be afraid to take a risk on someone who is young. Great ideas often come from people who are just starting out.

What sacrifices do you have to make to continue on with your work?

As a person, what was it that drew you to this field of work?

What drew me to this filed was the ability to make a difference in hundreds/ thousands/ millions of people’s lives in the short time frame of 2 hours. Also the ability to be able to make enough money to then in return be able to do things to give back to the community. The more well known you are the more you can use your success to make a difference in what you believe in.

What are your goals in the film industry?

My goals in the industry are to make movies and TV shows that I am passionate about while maintaining my ability to not sell out. I never want to do something because I felt I had to. I always want to do something because I am proud of it, because I wanted to be a part of it. I never ever want to sell out.

What is your style?

I’m still learning it. Mostly I would say Indie but I like thriller/ crime as well.

What do you have to say to the people who are supporting you?

To the few people who have supported me since I was young I have to say thanks for sticking with me and believing in me and letting me use you all as my test dummies to read and watch all the crazy projects I have come up with. To everyone else, new on board or even the older believer’s, thanks for the encouragement. I look to you all when I am having a hard time and rough days and you all give me just the write amount of umph to keep going. Also you give me enough crazy stories to write movies for an eternity so if you see similarities between your life and my movies I gave you fair warning.

Who is your favorite film producer/ director/ writer?

This is like asking a filmmaker what their favorite film is, it’s impossible. I don’t pick favorites. I try to learn from all of them equally. Everyone has uniqueness, style, and certain ability that someone else won’t have. I really just really find ideas, stories, styles and things that I like and try to learn as much about who came up with them as possible.