One of the most memorable bands for me as a child was Sublime. Often when I was a young boy my father would play different songs by them. I as a person grew, and so did my love for their music. As a teen I began to Understand the words, and pick apart their songs. As I would lie in bed alone having a rough week, I would sing under my breath " Well life is to short" So love the one you got, cause you might get run over or you might get shot". That song What I got has over 15 Million views on YouTube.

    Sublime first made headway in 1988 doing their first show ever July 4th of that year.  As they began to grow so did there music.  It grew into a plethora of arenas and eventually made it to the top. In 1995 hitting the top of the game Sublime was signed onto a major label.  After signing on with MCA records and releasing "Robbin the Hood" the band went on tour. First doing the Warped tour, then the circus tour. Through the tour the band began to have issues, from a dog attacking people, to drug and drinking issues. They were from there pressured to get in the studio recording materials.  As they began recording that year some of the greatest hit's of all time were being put together. At the time unknown, this would be the bands biggest and last album.

    As they had just finished recording there self titled album their Guitarist and lead vocalist Bradley Nowell died on 5/25/1996 of a heroin overdose. That in and of its self was the end of Sublime. A band we have all grown to love over the years gone within a few days forever leaving us wanting more...