Rap Artist William Frank Releases " Hands Up

Morris, Illinois, 03/1/2015 —  Rapper William Frank releases " Hands Up", a song based on all the current violence in our nation. With hard pressing lyrics and a mission, he plans to get 50,000 copies of the up coming album distributed all over the nation.  We can expect a lot from the music video as well. Will Frank and team will be shooting the music video in Ferguson, MO on March 20th and 21st.

" I'm tired of the violence. it needs to stop and I'm on the forefront of that fight everyday as a recording artist" stated Will Frank 27, of Morris. As he went on you could see the pain in his face, and he showed pushed a clear point that a positive change is well past due. " If we don't step up, we have done nothing and I as a person need to make a statement about this situation" Stated Will Frank as he prepped up to release the track.  This song will be one to change our future generations. 

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