John Doe of Smokem Records

My name is John Doe. I was born and raised in Aurora, IL. My music genre is GothikRap. I have been writing music since 2001. In 2003, three others and I created a record label named DeadBody Records. On that label, we introduced our group entitled Psycoside. We have released two CDs since then. Our first album was named Wikkid Mist, which was released in 2003. Our second, so far, was a double disc entitled Blood is Black in the Moonlight: Renatus & Mortem, which was released in 2011. Since then, I have broken away from my group and my label to pursue other ventures. Recently, in 2012, I have joined with an up-and-coming record label named Smokem Records and hope to continue to make music that entertains, shocks, and keeps people on the edge of their seats. "John Doe is a very talented artist and makes every track his own with his unique sounds and energy." -White Smoke from Smokem Records. "John Doe has his own unique style and lyrics and who is a well known name in the local hip hop community. His influence and leadership has inspired a lot of us to help participate in his label Deadbody Records which has released a handful of albums by various artists, me being one of them. Im glad I had the opportunity and the experience gained in recording, producing, and performing with John Doe. Smoke'm Records, Deadbody Records, and John Doe have a promising future."-Justin Berry AKA Phatman AKA Switchblade (He produced the majority of DBR and he was the third member in Psycoside).